Kostas […], Street Shoe-polisher, September 2016

Kostas […] of Muslim origin from Komotini, while working as a shoe polisher on Omonia Square, describes his life since coming to Athens from Komotini in 1973. 

Specifically, he refers to his work in Athens from the times he was a young child until now: His work in the street (cleaning car windows, working as a shoe polisher, selling buns and lottery tickets), in construction, his study in the technical school and his work at Skaramaga Shipyards. 

He speaks about the small cafe that he opened in Gazi when the Shipyards were sold and he was fired along with other staff, the work as a craftsman of OTE when the “business mafia” led him to close the store in view of the coming of the “development” that would bring the METRO Kerameikos and its end as a shoe polisher in Omonia.

He speaks about his personal life and the challenges he faces as a father of 5 children and his relationship with God regardless of religion.

The reduction of commercial traffic in Omonia was also discussed in the interview.